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Custom formulated detergents, spot remover, pre-spray, and defoamer, for all types of foaming equipment. For use in dry foam, "air cell" with built in vacuum, rotary, cylindrical brush, bonnet, and oscillating pad machines that require high foam, brittle dry "encap", low moisture qualities.

Premium Blend The standard bearer. Considered by many AS THE FINEST HIGH FOAM, BRITTLE DRYING DETERGENT EVER PRODUCED!  Pure surfactant, and state of the art brittle drying polymer. (Used in the 3M Scotchgard tests.*) Only $21.90 per. gal. and only 4 oz. per gal. for RTU. (Compare that to the ridiculous prices of "encaps" at 8oz. per gal.)  9.0 pH in use.  See brittle dry photo on tip's page> click here

Restaurant Power Foam™ The original, and UNDISPUTED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION FOAMER ON GREASY, OILY CARPETS!  When we introduced this product back in 1994, we received hundreds of calls from foam cleaners all over the country. They all had similar remarks; "THANK YOU, we can finally, (after all these years) do restaurants, and other greasy, oily, trashed out carpets!"  The ''Johnny come lately" products that eventually followed, (two years later by a major dry foam equipment manufacturer) absolutely pale by comparison.  We have many companies that use it exclusively because they can earn $2,000 or more, with just one gallon! Four ounces per gallon for high foaming machines on very greasy carpets, and as little as one ounce per gallon for normally soiled carpets!

SPC™ Superb spot remover, pre-spray, and all purpose cleaner. Specially formulated to enhance foam generation when used as a pre-spray. "Loaded" at 8 to 1 dilution - 10.0 pH in use.

Real Defoamer™ A custom formulated superior defoamer, at a very affordable price. It is the BEST defoamer on the market! Compare it to any other, at any price, and this is the one you'll use.

Thermo™ Excellent low/no foam HWE detergent.  One oz. per gallon with portable extractor. 10.0 pH in use.

Instant Odor Neutralizer 3X™  Without question the absolute finest odor neutralizer available! Highly concentrated and  formulated for all types of equipment. Add (a little) to your mix, or spray direct. 3X will not  adversely affect foam in foaming equipment. Eliminates all odors instantly; urine, feces, vomit, smoke odor, skunk, mold, mildew, distillate, and the list could go on and on. Great reports from all the pro's who have tried it on a variety of extreme, worst case scenarios. They are all leaving their customers homes and offices smelling cleaner and fresher than they have ever experienced. Very economical; $29.95 gal. and at a 1 to 3 dilution you will have 4 gallons of RTU. It goes a long, long way.



Just Rite Cleaning Products has been supplying a small line of the finest quality, custom formulated carpet and upholstery cleaning products to professionals since 1990. Our reputation for quality, integrity, and reliability is unsurpassed in this industry. Just Rite has a BBB rating of A+ with zero complaints in the 40 years we have been in business.

As many already know, the president of the company, Bill Barnes, has also been instrumental in the promotion of "dry foam" cleaning, or what is now sometimes referred to as "low moisture, or air cell extraction" carpet cleaning for many years. A "dry foamer" himself since 1972, he formed the Independent Foam Cleaners Association in 1992, and he and the group were responsible for many of the changes and improvements on, and for, certain types of foaming equipment…i.e., WHEELS, HEAT, RESTAURANT POWER FOAM, and the BRAUN BRUSH. With the advent of heat, he coined the term "Hot Foam Extraction." He also did the testing, (using his Premium Blend detergent) and in 1993 won approval of *3M Scotchgard protector, for the major foam equipment manufacturer that had not previously been approved. He, and the foam cleaner group also helped educate, advise, and assist hundreds of foam cleaners throughout the country.

The products are all custom formulated. They are all renowned  performers, and very reasonably priced, but we would also like to use this site as a source of on-going information for  low moisture professionals.  Since many are on-line now, and more coming in every day, they would have a ready source for exchanging ideas, information, and used equipment, etc.

Also, be sure to visit our foamer's info. and advice page...Foamer's Corner Help Page

The products are listed below, and the number to call is 800-890-3202. The exact UPS rates can then be determined according to your zip code. You can also e-mail Bill at:  Note: You may get a recorded message because we get so many solicitor calls. Just leave your message, and we will respond promptly.


    Just Rite
5700 Riverview Drive,  Lisle, IL 60532
(800) 890-3202   FAX (630)-964-6477
   (888) 419-1299

Prices effective 1-01-2017

Not available in CA




Premium Blend
1 to 3 gal. @ $21.90 gal. ………..….$21.90 gal.
4 x 1 gal. ctn. @ $21.00 gal. ……….$84.00 ctn.
2 or more ctns. @ $20.00 gal. ….….$80.00 ctn.
Restaurant Power Foam
1 to 3 gal. @ $24.00 gal. …………... $24.00 gal.
4 x 1 gal. ctn. @ $23.00 gal. ………..$92.00 ctn.
2 or more ctns. @ $22.00 gal. ……...$88.00 ctn.
SPC (All Purpose Concentrate)
1 to 3 gal. @ $17.60 gal. …………....$17.60 gal.
4 x 1 gal. ctn. @ $16.60 gal. ……......$66.40 ctn.
2 or more ctns. @ $16.00 gal. ……...$64.00 ctn.
Real Defoamer
1 to 3 gal. @ $19.50 gal. ………….... $19.50 gal.
4 x 1 gal. ctn. @ $18.50 gal. ……….. $74.00 ctn.
2 or more ctns. @ $18.00 gal. .. .$72.00 ctn.

Thermo Hot Water Extraction Detergent .. $16.00 gal. ___


            The BEST we have ever tested. Eliminates all odors     

instantly! Gallon concentrate makes 4 gal. or 16 quarts!

--only $29.95 gal.


UPS charge to your zone ____ is $_________ per 4 x 1 ctn
Add $____ per 1 gal. ctn. (We do not charge for handling)
IL res. 7.0% tax


Ship To _________________________________________
Phone # (______)________________________________

                       METHOD OF PURCHASE      (    ) Master Card        (   ) Visa        (    ) Check/MO

                           Card #___________________________________ Exp. Date____________

                           Signature ________________________________

Please call for your exact UPS charge.


10-21-16  Von Schrader Espirit upholstery cleaning machine for sale. I bought it 7 yrs. ago from Von Schrader reconditioned for $4,000.00.  It works great, comes with black and white brushes, will sacrifice for $2,000.00.  Call Aaron Gray @ 270-345-2744.

02-16-16  Hello, I would like to list two pieces of Von Schrader cleaning equipment that I have for sale. Under 100 hours used on either machine. I have the newest model LMX as well as the newest model Esprit Upholstery cleaning unit. Gave well over $8000 for both pieces of equipment. Still under the one year warranty! I'm asking $6000 OBO.  Email or call (423) 618-4610  Jonathan Smith

12-23-15  Von Schrader V2 upholstery cleaner for sale for $800 obo. Is in excellent shape and was used for only a short time, and since then has been in storage. The machine is located in Traverse City, Michigan. Please email me at

12-08-15  I have a Von Schrader carpet cleaning machine that I would like to sell. It is low moisture, quick dry. It is brand new other than using it here at home. We spent over $4000.00 for it. Asking $3500 or best offer. 317-563-6426

12-4-15  Purchased this year from Von Schrader the LMX low moisture carpet machine. STILL UNDER WARRANTY.  Have used very little, clean as a pin and I will send pics. It is truly a plug in and go machine.  With tax and shipping I paid about $4400.00. Asking $3495.00 or best offer. Now is the time, this is the machine! or 704-839-9539.

10-07-15 Very slightly used Von Schrader LMX machine. I bought this brand new May (2012) used only 5 times (about 2 1/2 hours total in my house. ) I have a black commercial grade brush included, (this cost me over $200.00 plus shipping!) I am asking $2750.00 - (this machine now sells for $5,000.00!) I live in St. Louis, MO - if you live a couple of hundred miles away, I might even deliver it to you - this could save you about $100.00 in shipping costs! We have decided to go another route first, which is why we are selling - the machine is in mint condition. If interested you may write to Ernest at  or call 314-550-2233. Thank you

09-15-15  I have a slightly used, excellent condition Von Schrader LMX machine and Von Schrader Upholstery cleaning machine for sale. Comes with all solutions (for both machines). Styrofoam blocks, grooming rake, spray bottles and user manuals for sale. Included is a 2000 Chevy Astro Van, recently state inspected, equipped with shelving units to store all equipment and supplies. Just drive it all away!  All for $5000 negotiable.  Contact Abe at

06-28-15  Von Schrader LMX Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner. Used only as a part time business. Very good condition. White cylindrical brush in excellent condition. New $4,000   Asking $1,375. Willing to ship if buyer pays for shipping and handling. E-mail or call D.K. for additional details and pictures. 910-231-3666. Please leave message if unavailable.

1-26-15 Von Schrader LMX, 4 1/2 years old, in very good condition. It was used in a part time business. Sell for $1900 OBO. Call Ron Karall in IL. 815-289-8601

03-27-14  Von Schrader LMX carpet system for sale. Used very few times, the owner passed away from cancer before he could use it much. Only a few years old...asking $2500. Also have an Esprit Upholstery Cleaner, used one time. Asking $2000 including some shampoos and all paperwork. These machines are in excellent condition. Located in Sullivan, IL. Willing to ship if interested. or you can call 217-259-2940

03-23-14  I'm selling an LMX VS1 Von Schrader carpet cleaner in excellent condition used only in my house and never for business use. Asking $2800 - call 210-744-4561 in San Antonio TX.

2-25-14  I have a slightly used Von Schrader LMX machine, and a Von Schrader Upholstery cleaning machine, purchased in 2011, which I need to sell due to health reasons. Comes with solutions and all advertisement brochures and user manuals. I am in the York Pennsylvania area and you may e-mail me at  Asking price is $4000.00 for both machines or you may purchase one.

04-23-13  Von Schrader LMX purchased in 97 having been used only as in-store demo 4 times. PAID $4,000 - Sell for $1,700 or best offer. In very good condition. Includes black and white brushes - excellent condition. Used twice a year for 6 years to clean medical surgical office, and a few times in residential homes - still works perfectly. Used aprox. 25 times with proper maintenance. Original manual and video included. Please call Lynn Ingram 817-964-2093  or e-mail 


New Von Schrader equipment at discount prices. Parts, and repairs available. Call Avalon Service & Supply, IL (773) 525-2756 Ask for Bob Singer. (ed., He's a nice guy, honest and dependable.


01-11-16  Anyone out there have an old UB model upholstery machine for parts or the vac hose and foaming brush assembly. Thanks... reply streetfood77@gmail

07-17-15  Does anyone have any old parts for a VS1 machine? I need the shield that covers the lower pulley assembly. Thank you 219-922-8331 and ask for Paul.

I need a Von Schrader LMX and Esprit in good condition. Black and white brushes desired. Call Keith Dyer at 740-361-7279

I need a Braun Brush for a VS1 and a good deal on a used Mach 12. Call Keith Dyer at 740-361-7279. Contact at

I need one Braun Brush for a VS1. Please call Perry Coghlan at 830-688-9840.

Looking for good condition Von Schrader LMX. Call Alex 732-861-2140 or e-mail:

Wanted: Host Dry Carpet Clng. machine. E-mail Paul at  

Wanted: Used VS2 Upholstery machine. Dan Guerra,  (661) 533-7358.  Or e-mail:

Looking for used Von Schrader machines, working or not, in Canada. 1985 or newer please. Please e-mail the "Foam Guy" at

Wanted: Von Schrader VS11, or Esprit upholstery machine. Call Danny at 847-549-7184. E-mail

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